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James Locker: The Duality of Fate

About the book

I wrote James Locker: The Duality of Fate back in 2013. It's a dark detective/psychological crime action-drama that also serves as a satire of the genre. It plays with the stereotypes of the typical detective fiction novel (An alcoholic genius cop that solves all the cases) and morphs it into a bizarre almost dream-like psychological thriller of a crime fiction.

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Book Summary

When James Locker's boss, the legendary Michael Fuller is sacked from the Central Sydney Murder Investigation Unit, his dream to be a crime detective finally comes true. His dream soon turns into a nightmare, however, as his mental state is deteriorating and Sydney is plagued by a schizophrenic serial-killer who seems to have a particular interest in James Locker personally. Will James Locker manage to stop this villain before it is too late?

Read if

Dark satirical comedy and reading the mind of a schizophrenic serial-killer is a gate to a suspense and light-hearted book that could entertain you as a reader.  

Don't read if you want a realistic depiction of police, as this is based on an entirely fictional setting.