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The Divine Dissimulation E-book (pdf)


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The Divine Sedition E-book (pdf)


The Divine Sedition plot summary (pdf)


Matt's Amazing Week Audio Book (mp3)


Martin Lundqvist cv (pdf)


Matts Amazing Week E-book (pdf)


James Locker E-book (pdf)


Divine Space Gods Abraham's follies (pdf)


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You can buy paperback copies of James Locker or The Divine Dissimulation from me personally for $10 a piece. You can also buy CD's with the audio book versions for $5 each.

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My audiobooks are narrated by my partner Elaine Hidayat and can be purchased from a multitude of online audiobook sites.

Audiobook version of all my books are available for sale from a multitude of sources:

James Locker USD 5

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Matt's Amazing Week USD 1

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Divine Space Gods Abraham's Follies USD 2

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The Divine Dissimulation: USD 3 (Amazon USD 15)

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The Divine Sedition USD 5

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