The Divine Sedition

The sequel to the Divine Dissimulation

The Divine Sedition is the sequel to The Divine Dissimulation, which takes place straight after Abraham Goldstein’s death. The book follows the main character Keila Eisenstein, who in spite of having premonitory and visionary memory lapses, and schizophrenic bipolar tendencies, is led by the inner voices inside her head to lead the Martian rebellion, the voices of her Divine intuition, the extra-terrestrial beings Brahma and Rangda.  Compared to its prequel, The Divine Sedition is more fast-paced easy to read book and contain more dark satire and sexual fantasy elements.

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Book Summary

Having gained control over Eden, Keila fakes her own death to fool the Terran Council officer assigned to detain her, Rear Admiral Bjorn Muller. After faking her death, Keila decides to use Eden as her base of operations using deception to turn the Terran Council members against each other. Keila faces overwhelming odds trying to take down the overpowered Terran Council that has been dominating the solar system and oppressed the majority of humanity for over 500 years. She does, however, have one trump on hand against these overwhelming odds: Her mysterious divine connection. Her spiritual relationship is leading her on the way, and with access to the late Abraham Goldstein’s divine detector machine, Keila can unveil secrets that will help her free humanity from the oppression of the few elite plutocrats dominating all of humankind. But with her connection comes a price, and are the Zetans and Xeno mutant, using Keila as a puppet, indeed better than the oppressors she seeks to replace? 

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This book is slightly more character-driven and less concept-driven than The Divine Dissimulation. It is more fast-paced, has more interpersonal, funny / satirical dialogues and is geared towards a fantasy action adventure / extra-terrestrial Divine intervention. Don’t read the book if you disliked the previous book or if you have strong opinions with what is the social norm, as my book is nothing but.


Below I have quoted some of the reviews that this book received and the source for the review.

This epic tale has a complex, but well written plot that time-travels the reader into the future where Man still battles to gain superiority over minds and territories.  Intriguing and engaging characterizations, realistic dialog, and over all, a mind controlling book!

Character makes story. Who can forget Bond? James Bond. Romeo and Juliet? David and Goliath, if we want to go back to the Old Testament? To this list, I would add Keila Eisenstein and Bjorn Muller, protagonist and antagonist in Martin Lundqvist’s kaleidoscopic ‘The Divine Sedition,’ the second installment of the ‘The Divine Zetan Trology.’

In ‘The Divine Dissimulation,’ the opening book in the series, Abraham Goldstein, a man as wealthy as Midas, funds an expedition to Paradise, only to discover – as Nietzsche would have told him – that God is Dead. With a vacancy for the position, Goldstein becomes Divine and rules a simulated holy land called Eden with his genetically engineered army of cherubim like a New Age dictator through false news, propaganda, half-truths and violence. While Goldstein faces a revolt led by archangel turned arch enemy Lucifer, forces of the ancient down-to-earth past are rising as if from lost and forgotten graveyards.

In ‘The Divine Sedition,’ Bjorn Muller has seized the all-powerful mind-control technology to rule Eden until Keila Eisenstein leads the inevitable battle of good against evil. To reach this point, the story twists and turns with advances and setbacks that keep you gripped to the page, rooting for Keila and fearing the growing power of Bjorn Muller.

If you are looking for parallels and metaphors with today’s hi-tech-digital-computer-generated virtual reality you’ll find them. But underpinning the science fiction world 700 years in the future, are believable, full-bloodied characters in an epic saga that kept me turning the pages from beginning to end. Lundqvist for me has been a great discovery and I look forward to reading more of his books.

I love this fantasy sci-fi trilogy. I love how it mixes fantasy elements, psionic power, and Gods with relatively realistic science. All the main characters are interesting and relatable. The pacing is better than it it's prequel and it contains a lot of plot twists so it never become boring or predictable. A must read!