The Divine Dissimulation

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In the distant future, the wealthy villain Abraham Goldstein funds a top-secret project to travel to the heaven and meet God. Upon reaching the heaven he finds out that God is dead. He also finds the technology necessary to take gods place and become a god in the eyes of men. 

Many years later Abraham and his angels, a group of genetically engineered super soldiers, rule Eden; a world terraformed to simulate the holy land during the Bronze Age. They rule with terror and fear following the ancient laws, until one day when an accident turns Abraham’s closest angel Lucifer against him, an event that plants the seed of Abraham’s destruction. Meanwhile an ancient force is conspiring in the background to make its return to our world.

I wrote this book between 2016-2017. It's a concept-driven science fiction novel. The novel mixes attempts at scientific explanations with pure fantasy. Unlike most books, the main character of the book is the villain. 

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The Audiobook version of The Divine Dissimulation is narrated by my partner Elaine Hidayat.

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A thought-provoking Science fiction literature, giving a new take on religion and deism. My book is of a very high-concept ideology on deism and God, if you want an easy to read book or if you are a religious fanatic that might get offended, I suggest you do not read my book.



It doesn’t matter how much you’ve got, some people just want more. Abraham Goldstein is the archetypal greed-fuelled ravenous dictator (bad people make interesting characters). He doesn’t want more. He wants it all. And from the top of his 3000 metre pyramid tower overlooking the rolling green meadows of Antarctica, the 250 year old DNA regenerated master of all things on earth plans his assault on heaven – only to find God is Dead!

Lundqvist is a master story teller weaving traditional science fiction tropes with new ideas that will keep you up all night turning the pages. The Divine Dissimulation is the opening instalment of The Divine Zetan Trilogy. I, for one, can’t wait to read the rest. 

Any science fiction fanatic will love this epic tale. Once sucked into this futuristic war of wills with a dark force lurking in space shadows there is no turning back . A great story , well written , and mind provoking .

I love this book. It is very innovative and does not at all feel like your average run-of-the-mill science fiction book. I find the mix of fiction and implied criticism of both religion and plutocracy to be very innovative and new. The book's main character is also its villain which feels like a fresh approach to this kind of story. My girlfriend actually ending up sympathising with the villain when she read the book which shows how important perspective is when judging whether someone's actions are good or bad.

5 out of 5 stars for the author creating something innovative and new, if I am to say anything bad, the first chapter involves a lot of politics and introductions that are hardly dealt with later in the book, but I liked these parts, as well as they, added to the world-building.