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About Martin Lundqvist


Martin's background

Martin is a Swedish Male born in 1985. He has lived in Australia since 2012 and has been living with his partner Elaine Hidayat since 2013. He writes mainly Sci-Fi , Thriller, Action, Parody as well as Dark Comedy. His long-term partner Elaine Hidayat is an Audiobook Narrator and helps to co-write and edit his self-published books.

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Martin's writing history

Martin wrote his first book, the psychological crime thriller James Locker: The Duality of Fate back in 2013. 

After that Martin had a break from book writing for a couple of years.

In late 2016, Martin decided to take up book writing again and he finished his Science Fiction novel The Divine Dissimulation a year later.

In July 2018 Martin finished his third book, The Divine Sedition. which constitutes the second book in The Divine Zetan trilogy.

In 2018 Martin also wrote a short-story for children Matt's Amazing Week and a parody novella called Divine Space Gods: Abraham's Follies

In January 2019 Martin finished writing Divine Space Gods II: Revolution for Dummies

Since then, Martin has written various short stories and novella for book writing competitions and as a means of marketing his books to a bigger genre of readers. His latest creation is The Portal in The Pyramid and Sabina's Pursuit of The Holy Grail.


Martin's style

Martin is a multi-genre writer who likes to mix up his works. So far he has released works in the crime, science fiction, humor and children genre, and he intend to write more genres in the future to mix up his repertoire and improve his writing.


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